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The importance of correct tyre pressure

Image showing how to check your tyre pressure

The correct tyre pressure is vital for both safety and for extending the life of your tyre.

You should check your tyre pressures monthly, including the spare and before any long distance driving. Make sure the tyre pressures match the pressures recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

Tyre pressures should if possible be checked cold. If tyre pressures are checked hot, add 4 to 5 psi (0.3 bar) to the recommended pressures.

In the case of unusual pressure loss, the internal and external condition of the tyre should be checked, as well as the condition of the wheel and valve.


Get a grip on tyre pressures!

Maximum grip on the road is vital for road safety. This can only be achieved with the correct pressure in your tyres. The diagram below shows how much grip a tyre has on the road depending on its pressure.

Image showing amount of tyre grip depending on tyre pressure


Tyre pressures - top tips

1 - Safety

Under inflated tyres can not only overheat increasing the chances of it bursting, but also lead to poor handling of your vehicle. Low pressure on the front axle will increase under steer (fig. 1) whereas low pressure on the rear axle will increase over steer (fig. 2).

fig.1 Under steer


fig.2 Over steer



2 - Economy

Over inflated and under inflated tyres suffer more damage than those with the correct pressure and need to be changed more often. Even 60% inflation, which is not uncommon, can increase tyre wear and significantly shorten the life of the tyre. Vehicles with under inflated tyres have increased rolling resistance that requires more fuel to maintain the same speed.

3 - Environment

Correct tyre pressure helps to maintain optimum fuel efficiency. This equates to lower CO2 emissions from your vehicle and helps protect the environment.


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Always use quick save tyres as the service and prices are always good

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